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Vacuum pump rotation
The two rotors of the vacuum pump are operated synchronously by a pair of high precision gears. The drive shaft is coupled to the motor. There are two main types of transmission structure: one is that the motor and the gear are placed on the same side of the rotor. The driven rotor is directly transmitted by the motor end gear, so that the torsional deformation of the active rotor shaft is small, and the gap between the two rotors is not changed due to the large torsional deformation of the driving shaft, so the gap between the rotors is operated. Uniform in the process. The biggest disadvantage of this type of transmission is: a. There are three bearings on the drive shaft, which increases the difficulty of processing and assembly of the pump, and the disassembly and adjustment of the gear is inconvenient; b. The overall structure is not uniform, the center of gravity of the pump is biased toward the motor and gear One side of the box.