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Pump body arrangement of vacuum pump
Pump overall structure
The arrangement of the pump body of the vacuum pump determines the overall structure of the pump.
The vertical structure of the inlet and exhaust ports is horizontally set, and it is convenient to assemble and connect the pipelines. However, the pump has a high center of gravity and poor stability at high speeds, so this type is mostly used for small pumps.
The inlet of the horizontal pump is on the top and the outlet is on the bottom. Sometimes it is convenient to install and connect the piping of the vacuum system, and the exhaust port can be taken out from the horizontal direction, that is, the direction of intake and exhaust is perpendicular to each other. At this time, the exhaust port may be opened from the left or the right direction, except for one end of the exhaust pipe, and the other end is blocked or connected to the bypass valve. This pump has a low center of gravity and good stability at high speeds. Generally, large and medium-sized pumps use this type of structure.
The two rotor shafts of the pump are mounted perpendicular to the horizontal. The structure assembly gap is easy to control, the rotor assembly is convenient, and the pump footprint is small. However, the pump has a high center of gravity and the gears are inconvenient to assemble and disassemble, and the lubrication mechanism is relatively complicated.